Kenjiro, Ronin

Kenjiro Ronin

Here’s painted Kenjiro, Ronin model from Tale of War manufacturer. I’ve apinted him as Green Samurai with phoenix on his back clothes. I’ve also built a display plinth for this one. Click photo to enlarge.

Nurgle Herald

Nurgle Herald

Here’s Nurgle Plaguebearer from ’90s. It’s a bit more massive than plastic minis so he can be the Herald of Nurgle. I really like old GW models. This one was sculpted by Ally Morrison and was really fun to paint. I’ve painted him a golden tooth :).

Dark Age Dedlock

Dark Age Dedlock

This id Deadlock from Dark Age Games. The model is pretty old. I bought it like 5 years ago or something. And they have released newer edition of this model like few days ago. Anyway I wanted to expose her boobs and butt so I’v changed the pose of the model a little bit. I […]

BloodyBeast Treeman 2


This is another Treeman sculpted by my friend Pszemek and also painted by me. This is available for buy painted or unpainted. It would be in my store when I finally set it up. But you can contact me for more info on price now.

BloodyBeast Treeman 1


This is a Treeman sculpted by my friend Pszemek and painted by me. This is available for buy painted or unpainted. It would be in my store when I finally set it up. But you can contact me for more info on price now.

The Fang 2014 Painting Competition Results!

Hi, Happy to say I won some categories at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition. The Fang used to be in May (2012) or April (2013). I wasn’t expecting this one. I’ve learned this one is happening like one week before the event. I was really tight on time. But I already had some nice models […]

Araloth, the Lord of Talsyn

Wood Elves Araloth

I don’t like this character. I don’t like his story, but the model is OK. It has a nice horns on his helmet. He matches all new Wood Elves models. I think the owl on his hand would be much better than this bird. Especially an owl with 3 eyes like the one that’s in […]

Eternal Guard

Wood Elves Eternal Guard

I like how GW made those new Wood Elf models. I think this is their first set where minis holds shields in right arms. This was a bit strange but the whole unit looks good.

Blog Update

Bloody Beast Update

Hey, sorry for lack of updates. I was working on new design of my blog. There’s still plenty stuff to be done. Like I’d like to get back my collapsing categories and updating blogroll. Some posts and pages are not displayed properly yet. I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible. I’ll start posting new […] is now on YouTube!

Bloody Beast Update Video

I’m happy to say I’ve just started Youtube Channel. This is going to be serious one. I’m planning to post a showcase miniature very often. Hopefully everyday. I’ll try to keep posting painting tutorials from time to time. And finally there will be also reviews and gaming videos. I find making videos way easier than […]

Painting Tutorial: Space Marines Librarian

Astral Tiger Librarian

My first tutorial! This would be Space Marines Librarian I did recently. The guy is supposed to be Astral Tiger, but since he is in Librarian Armor this has no impact on painting this mini. So let’s get to it. Oh one more thing. GW stand for Citadel paints, VMC is Vallejo Model Color, and […]

White Dwarf Ferbruary 2014 Week 1 Review

So this is the new White Dwarf format. Weekly magazine that has 32 pages. This one is mostly covering on Dwarfs. I’m quite disappointed that there is no Battle Report. But we get rules for new Dwarf Special Character. Let’s take a closer look.

White Dwarf January 2014 Review

And my first White Dwarf Review. Since this is my first one I would like to hear some comments on how you like that and if you would like any changes to it. Well the funny thing is that this number is the last monthly White Dwarf. Next ones are going to be released weekly. […]