Legion of Everblight Blood Dragons Company of Iron

Legion of Everblight Blighted Nyss Legionnaires with Captain Farilor & Standard, Strider Deathstalker and Spell Martyr. Here’s some story for this Company of Iron. Due to the ‘blessing’ of Everblight these elves became blood hungry like vampires. They are nomadic band in the north raiding villages and killing people in hunger for blood. Sometimes they […]

Feast of the Wolves Company Of Iron

This was my first Company of Iron. It’s called Feast of the Wolves. While the army looks good and has nice Warpborn Skinwalker theme, it’s totally unplayable in the game due to low number of attacks it can dish out and low number of cards on hand. Anyway I love the theme. Click photo to […]

Bearers of the Cleansing Fire Company of Iron

Bearers of the Cleansing Fire is my third idea for my Company of Iron. This band is built around models with continuous fire ability. While the models are slow and number of attacks is pretty low, it can be boosted during the game due to vengeance which works pretty fine for models with multiple boxes. […]

Beerded Bear Battalion Company of Iron

This was my next idea for my Company of Iron and probably my favorite one. I’ve called them the Beerded Bear Battalion for obvious reasons. All men have beards, and Khador have this Russian theme so bears and alcohol is pretty much first thing that comes to my mind ;). This company has a hand […]