Chronopia Starter Box

I’m very happy that Chronopia miniature game was brought back to live (with the power of Kickstarter). I used to play Chronopia a lot back in the days and I still have my old metal minis somewhere in the basement. I’m planning to build some terrain and run a small campaign with these new amazing […]

Chronopia Elves of the Crystal Lotus House

Elves of the Crystal Lotus House have both airy and icy theme in the Chronopia lore. Their mages can summon ice golems and create walls of ice and control weather. Therefore I decided to go with limited palette of blues and silvers. I’m planing to paint Devout models next and test the new edition out.

Chronopia Elves of the Crystal Lotus House from Demo Set

If you are old enough you probably remember that odd game called Chronopia back in around the end of millenium. The new edition was kickstarted last year and slowly coming to live. Guys at Chronopia were so kind that they sent me a demo set. There was a small teaser of Elves of the Crystal […]