Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Tartaros Terminator Squad

So this is the first time I came up with idea of marble shields. And man, I love it! I did painted few more units of different legions adding marble to them, I’ll upload them soon. Love how white marble works with yellow and black color scheme. Very happy with the result. Also I went […]

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

The new plastic Kratos Heavy Assault Tank is an amazing kit. I love the look of this tank and the variety of weapons you get. I might have gone even to crazy with magnetizing options as I did almost everything. All the main guns, sponsons and even pintle mounted combi-weapons are swichable. Turret Mounted melta-blast […]

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Fellblade Super Heavy Battle Tank

Unfortunately I have only these 2 photos with Imperial Fists Fellblade I’ve painted. And one photo is from Work in Progress but at least at pretty late state. I really love the look of Fellblade. The double barell reminds me of Command & Conquer Mammoth Tank. Hope they will include Fellblades in Legions Imperialis because […]

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Preator & Chaplain

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Preator & Chaplain. I swapped Preator’s original Chainfist to Power Fist, but I also did magnetized Chainfist bit for that extra option. I also swapped Chaplain’s plasma pistol for Power Fist. I really like seeing Imperial Fists with Power Fists. For Dorn!