The Fang 2014 Painting Competition Results!

Hi, Happy to say I won some categories at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition.

The Fang used to be in May (2012) or April (2013). I wasn’t expecting this one. I’ve learned this one is happening like one week before the event. I was really tight on time. But I already had some nice models ready like Nagash or that Stormwolf. I’ve decided to make some more and I’ve started in almost every category. This ended up with 8 first places and two second places. I’ve also won the Best of the Show and The Carnosaur Fang Trophy for most categories won. Needles to say I’m satisfied with results.

You can see some of those entries in Awards section I’ve just updated. I’ll also upload a video covering this event soon.

And here are The Fang Painting Competition Poland 2014 Results:

Category 1 Warhammer 40,000 single miniature.

1. Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze – Rafal Maj
2. “Hear Me Howl” – Aleksander Zawada
3. Eldar Farseer – Piotr Jakubowski

Category 2 Warhammer 40,000 Squad.

1. Militarum Tempestus Scions – Rafal Maj
2. Eldar Rangers – Aleksander Zawada
3. Dark Eldar Wyches – Irmina Chałupczak

Category 3 Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle.

1. Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought – Rafal Maj
2. Astra Militarum Valkyrie – Michał Jasiński
3. ?? – ??

Category 4 Warhammer 40,000 Large Model.

1. Beast of Nurgle – Rafal Maj
2. Dark Eldar Khymerae – Irmina Chałupczok
3. Tyranid Zoanthrope – Karolina Kawalec

Category 5 Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature.

1. Tomb King – Rafal Maj
2. Empire Standard Bearer – Aleksander Zawada
3. Strigoi Ghoul King – Piotr Jakubowski

Category 6 Warhammer Fantasy Regiment.

1. Dwarf Longbeards – Rafał Maj
2. Lizardmen Temple Guards – Krzysztof Pisarski
3. Bretonnian Knights of the Realm – Malwina Streflik

Category 7 Warhammer Fantasy Large Model.

1. Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead – Rafal Maj
2. Flamespyre Phoenix – Krzysztof Pisarski
3. Mannfred, Mortarch of Night – Patryk Postawski

Category 8 Duel.

1. Orc vs. Beastmen – Michał Jasiński
2. Grombrindal (White Dwarf Vampire Hunter) – Rafal Maj

Category 9 Diorama.

1. Chaos Biker – Rafał Czapliński

Category 10 The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

1. Dwarf Grim Hammer – Rafal Maj
2. Mirkwood Ranger – Piotr Jakubowski
3. Galadhrim Rider – Patryk Postawski

Open Competition.

1. Razorwing – Krzysztof Serafińczuk
2. Stormwolf Assault Craft – Rafal Maj
3. Skaven Doomwheel – Rafał Czapliński

The Best of The Show

1. Dwarf Longbeards – Rafal Maj

The Most Categories Won (Carnosaur Fang Trophy).

Rafal Maj

The Fang 2014 Trophy won by Rafal Maj from

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