Chronopia Starter Box

I’m very happy that Chronopia miniature game was brought back to live (with the power of Kickstarter). I used to play Chronopia a lot back in the days and I still have my old metal minis somewhere in the basement. I’m planning to build some terrain and run a small campaign with these new amazing minis so stay tuned.

Chronopia Starter Box

Elven House of Crystal Lotus (from left to right): Elven Archer, Lotus Guard, Two Elven Spearmen

Chronopia Starter Box Crystal Elves

Chronopia Starter Box Crystal Elves 2

The Devout (from left to right): Greatswordmen Follower, Two Swordsmen Followers, The Cursed

Chronopia Starter Box Devout

Chronopia Starter Box Devout 2

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