Nepharite of Algeroth

The Nepharites of Aigeroth represent the dominant leadership of Algeroth’s Legions. They are commanded by the Nepharite Warlords, who are in turn commanded by the Nepharite Overlords.

A Nepharite of Algeroth is no man’s fool. He is clever and far thinking, planning battles like a chess master. Unlike a chess master however, this battlefield General cannot escape the allure of btoodshed and will always lead his forces personally, never backing down from a fight and showing no hint of fear. To assume they are merely powerful hulking beasts is a grave injustice and usually the last mistake a human commander will ever make.

Nepharites are incredibly ambitious and filled with a terrible lust for glory and approval in the eyes of their masters. This makes them particularly dangerous as enemies, as they have everything to prove and little to feat that is more dreadful than failure.

Of course bases need to be done. I’m waiting for some resin bases.

Nepharite of Algeroth painted by Rafal Maj (

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