Infernal Corroders

Infernal Corroders are the insidious creations of the Archmagus Valpurgius. Captives on Dark Eden are taken to the Distortion Chambers and those that survive the process are mutated into something utterly despicable… the Infernal Corroder.

Born with the instincts to hunt, the talent to kill and the power to do both, they are given a Meatgrinder Chainsaw and sent into the battlefields, rife with hatred and purpose. Once released, the Infernal Corroder lurks quietly until the enemy comes within range. When the enemy is unaware, the Infernal Corroder springs into action and lays waste to both infantry and mobile armor using the Meatgrinder’s diamond-tooth chainsaw.

Squads of Infernal Corroders are infamous sights on the battlefields of Dark Eden.

Bases to be done.

Infernal Corroders painted by Rafal Maj (

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