Wood Elf Treeman

At last! This is Treeman sculpted by me. It’s huge! It’s 19cm (7,5″) high! Hell yeah! You can see in the photo how big it is compared to Warhammer Plastic Giant and also to a common Night Goblin :).

Wood Elf Treeman sculpted and painted by Rafal Maj (BloodyBeast.com)

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  1. smells like sculpey-fimo :) it has lots of character. This fella is who allured me to your blog.

    I had in mind to sculpt a treeman time ago (no so big as yours) and you creatin is somehow pushing me to start my project.

    A kind (kinda out of a fable or jim henson movie )but still menacing take on a treeman. Inspiring.

    Great choice of colors, as always.

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