My entry for Black Knight Games Contest #1

This is Verminon Lord. Since the mini has got roman armor I wanted him to look like real roman legionaries. To make sure it will be easily connected with ancient Rome I decided to make bigger base with ruin of a column. This also would make my Lord stand out better. I used head with helmet. I reposed my verminon just by bending metal parts. I cut the hand holding sword from arm and glued it in this way so it is pointing at his enemies. I put a little bit of green stuff to this hand so it has no gaps. The base is sculpted by me.

I decided to paint it in NMM technique. This is mainly because I love this technique and I wanted to focus on armor damages which better stand out in NMM in my opinion. because all colors were neutral (black, browns, beige, grays, sand-color, etc I wanted to make one special color which would complete the mini. I put a little rust on armor too. I chose red as it is commonly used with roman legionaries. The freehand on a shield was taken from some round roman shield I found on google. I redesigned it a little bit. I also attached SRQV text to the top of a shield. Romans used SPQR which stands for The Senate and Roman People”. I change it into SPQV which now means The Senate and Verminions :) I decided to paint fur in brown colors as most of my new upcoming ratmen army would be in browns, but i also think this looks really well on ratmen. I used mainly Citadel and Vallejo colors but I also used artistic acrylic paints. Red Blood = reds, Khermi Brown = wood, Cathlan Brown = fur, Fenris Gray = black highlights, Codex Gray = main color for armor, ( I think highligting black with blues makes is better but it depends on mini. Gray is better when you want to make a look of old black cloak, blue is more like new black shirt. Fenris Gray is something between both gray and blue). Leafs are made of paper colored with acrylics. To complete the mini I put yellow (well not exactly yellow) grass. Now it’s nice autumn base with verminon lord on it! Hope you like it.

My entry for Black Knight Games Contest #1 painted by Rafal Maj (

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