Chronopia Devout Followers Champion

In Chronopia you can use either a Hero to lead your army or designate one of your units leader to be the general. And because I have no heroes for the Devout yet, I decided to convert one of the leaders to be the army general. So this model was actually taken from Cursed unit […]

More Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

This is another unit of Gutrippaz. I made an extra banner and musician to go with the first unit from Dominion boxed set. The Gutrippaz box set comes with two musicians but only one banner. I made a second one with baner from old Ardboyz set (also known as Black Orcs) and I’ve painted a […]

Space Wolves Wolfen

I had once this idea to make a Lone Wolf with 2 Wolf Claws as a Wolfen. Here’s the result of conversion. The main body was taken from Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend. The Head and shoulderpad is from Thunderwolf Cavalry. Tail was sculpted with GS.

Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain

Every year I make some special model with a pumpkin theme. This 2020 I present you a Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain from Indomitus Crusade Box. Man I really love the model and the shield design. Hope you like the conversion!

Space Wolves Wolf Lords

All three Wolf Lords together. When I came up with these ideas at first time it was just a joke attaching these oversized weapons with some blue tack. These conversions seemed a bit too wild to exist in Grimdark 40k. But then I thought that actually it might just work! I’m so happy I decided […]

Pumpkinshroud Bodyguards

BloodyBeast is making special Pumpkin themed minis every year. This year’s Halloween unit is Pumpkinshroud Bodyguards. A simple conversion of Death Guard Deathshroud Bodyguards Terminator models. But this time I wanted something different. The Pumpkins are actually painted green! It’s a nice change from usual orange pumpkins and flame. See other Halloween minis here.