Wood Elf Sister of the Thorn

Wood Elf Sister of the Thorn

I like this model. If you glue all Wild Riders, you would have lots of bits to make sorceresses for your army. The only thing is to sculpt some dresses. But I really like when GW make those sets where you can actually use spare bits to build another minis.

Wood Wood Elf Wild RiderElf Wild Rider

Wood Elf Wild Rider

New Wild Rider. I don’t like the fact that wild riders have those mounts. They would look better mounted on wolves. But I like Sisters of the Thorn on those new mounts. The poses of all those elves are rather strange. And stirrups are just too weird. But the whole model looks OK.

Forge World Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Taur'ruk

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Taur’ruk

First thing I would like to say about this model is that it has a lot of metal areas. I’ve chosen to make old steel and old gold. I like that combination. This mini also has a lot of dead heads. Funny thing is that has one Harry Poter head with a lightning symbol on […]

Daemon Prince of Nurgle Conversion

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Here’s a Warriors of Chaos Daemon Prince with Mark of Nurgle Conversion. Pszemek did all the sculpting and converting work on Scyla model. I wanted to give him this massive triangle shaped sword and a fly shield, and Pszemek did it perfectly (you can see the concept art bellow). I really like how it turned […]

Wood Elves Orion on a Display Base

Wood Elves Orion on a Display Base

So here’s whole base with Orion and his hounds. There’s a short story behind it. Orion was hunting down some Greenskins that were making havoc in the woods. The scene shows the the moment where the last one of those goblin hooligans tried to escape Orion’s vengeance. But he got shot in the butt and […]