Warhammer: Chaos Warriors vs Daemons of Khorne

This is another battle using my Mono Khorne Army against Pszemek’s Warriors of Chaos but this time with tottaly different units.

Daemons of Khorne

• Herald of Khorne on Juggernout (Armor of Khorne)
• 28 Bloodletters (Full Command)
• 6 Flesh Hounds
• Soulgrinder
NOTE: This time I’ve dropped magic banner on Bloodletters. It didn’t worked last time so I’ve decided to go with more Blodletters.

Chaos Warriors

• Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 Lore of Shadow (Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma, Pit of Shades)
• Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 Lore of Shadow (Okkam’s Mindrazor, The Withering)
• 40 Chaos Marauders (Great Weapon, Mark of Korne, Full Command)
• Chariot of Chaos
• 3 Dragon Ogres
• Warshrine of Chaos


From left to right:
• Bloodletters with Herald (Marauders of Khorne with both Sorcerers on the opposite site)
• Flesh Hounds and Soulgrinder (Warshrine, Chariot and Dragon Ogres on the oposide site)

The Battle

I won the first turn. I’ve moved ahead with bloodletter unit. My Herald moved ot of his unit so he could be closer to dogs. I was afraid my dogs wouldn’t hold charge of dragon ogres with GW boosted by chaos chariot. I’ve moved Soulgrinder in the center so I could chose where to go in the next turn.

Pszemek did not moved at all with his units. Instead he tried to cast spells, but the fortune was on my side (Well Khorne does not like magic, and I think he made a mistake by putting 2 sorcerers in his khorne marauders). Also his warshrine did nothing. The eye is closed for a Khorne player who uses magic.

Bloodletters have moved ahed, but in a way they can make pass for a Soulgrinder. I wanted to go against unit of marauders, just to make use of thunderstomp. Also I’ve shot at marauders but I’ve rolled misfire so he get 1 wound. As I saw he did not make a move with chariot and dragon ogres I’ve moved my herald back to unit. I was exposed to his charge so I needed extra boost from hatred.

Marauders has charged my bloodletters. Rest of Pszemek’s units just move slowly in to my dogs. Again sorceres tried to cast spells, to boost marauders and lower my bloodletters WS. But I’ve dispelled the only spell that was succesfully cast. Warshrine rolled 7 for bessing again. Well I must admit that Blood God was on my side.

So the fight’s begun. I’ve killed his champion with my champion in a challenge. Then my Lord killed one sorcerer, the other one was killed by bloodletters and the rest attacks were against marauders. Bloodletters made just 3 misses out of 20 attacks, and taht gave 14 kills. Marauders killed 9 bloodletters in return. The combat result was +10 for me. The only way to keep this fight was to have Insane courage, but as I said before, the Blood God was on my side so they run away.

Pszemek surrendered. Victory was mine.

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  1. Nicely painted armies. Good pictures to accompany report. Pszemek needed more basic units and to have the chariot go in with the marauders

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