The Fang Painting 2012 Competition Results!

Hi. Two days ago I have taken part in The Fang Painting Competition. It is official Games Workshop painting contest for all north countries and Poland. This was first time I was taking part in such competition although I have won some Internet painting contests. Check my Awards site.

I have scored six 1st places and two 3rd places and one honorable mention. I’ll post my entries as soon as possible. I was working on them days and nights before contest so I haven’t got enough time to take photos. I’ll post them soon.

And here are The Fang Painting Competition Poland 2012 Results:

Warhammer 40.000 Single Miniature

1. Imperial Guard Lord Commissar – Michał Pisarski
2. Chaos Terminator with mark of Khorne – Edwin Smolinski
3. Imperial Guard Commissar with bolt pistol – Rafał Maj

Honorable Mentions
Space Wolves Rune Priest – Adam wojtaszek
Chaos Sorcerer – Tomasz Kucharczyk

Warhammer 40.000 Squad

1. Grey Knights – Szymon Gutowski
2. Ultramarines terminators – Tomasz Kucharczyk
3. Space Wolves Grey Hunters – Adam Wojtaszek

Honorable Mentions
Space Marine Squad – Przemek Wałęga

Warhammer 40.000 Vehicle

1. Nemezis Dreadknight – Rafał Maj
2. Imperial Baneblade – Krzysztof Serafińczuk
3. Space Wolves Land Raider – Adam Wojtaszek
3. Ork Gork’s & possible even Mork’s Trukk – Przemek Wałęga

Honorable Mentions
Tau Barracuda – Amadeusz Sadowski

Warhammer 40.000 Large Monster

1. Ork Boss Snikrot – Przemek Wałęga
2. Tyranids Trygon – Michał Niemyjski
3. Tyranids Tyrannofex – Rafał Maj

Honorable Mentions
Space Wolf Lord – Edwin Smoleński

Warhammer Single Miniature

1. Goblin Warboss on Giant Squig – Tomasz Kucharczyk
2. High Elf Prince – Michał Pisarski
3. Skaven Warlord Spinetail – Władysław Kasicki

Honorable Mentions
Nurgle Champion – Rafał Maj
Marius Leitdorf – Bartłomiej Lazurek

Warhammer Regiment

1. Empire Demigryph Knights – Rafał Maj
2. Vampire Count’s Blood Knights – Aleksander Kaczor
3. Beastmen Bestigors – Przemysław Niedzielski

Warhammer Monster

1. Karl Franz on Deathclaw – Rafał Maj

2. Dark Elf Dreadlord on Black Dragon conversion – Marta Stawrowska
3. Dark Elf Sorceress on Black Dragon – Maciej Glenc

Lord of the Rings Single Miniature

1. Durin’s Folk King’s Champion – Rafał Maj
2. Warrior of the Dead before dead in the Ruins – Przemek Wałęga
3. Barrow Wight – Filip Stadnicki


1. Blood bowl’s Mascot Duel – Rafał Maj
2. Dog versus Zombie – Filip Stadnicki
3. System – Przemek Wałęga

The Youngbloods Competition

1. Dwarf Hero – Jan Gruszka
2. Merry the Hobbit – Miłosz Gębarski
3. Durburz King of Moria – Filip Olejniczakowski

The Open Competition

1. Tomb Kings Prince Apophas – Rafał Maj
2. Imperial Fist Captain Lysander – Michał Pisarski
3. Tau Piranha Light Skimmer – Dmytro Lumelskyy

Honorable Mentions
Inquisitor Convenant – Przemek Wałęga

The trip to Warsaw was worth it. I’m officially one of the best Polish painters now – GW Warsaw approved!

The Fang Painting Competition Poland 2012

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