Necromunda Delaque Gang WIP

I’ve bough some Delaques in July. And now they came to me. This too a while but was worth it. Unfortunately they are missing some original parts. Many conversion work was done to them but this didn’t last the journey. I’ll spend many days fixing it but It’s ok. I’ll have time to make interesting minis. Here’s a list.

– Scum with 2 bolters using Leader with poweraxe body
– Leader with chainsword and bolter and holster using second Leader body
– 5 Gangers 1 with shotgun 1 with autogun and 3 with lasguns
– 2 Heavies with flamer and/or heavy stubber and/or heavy bolter
– 3 Juves

I’d love to see my juve with 2 pistols. I’m not sure how to make them I’ll see during the rest of band. The first is Scum. Then Champ and Heavy Stubber. Gangers are already done (I won’t be changing a thing). Juves have Swords, Maces and pistols to do. Second heavy will be last thing to do.

Necromunda Delaque Gang WIP by Rafal Maj (

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