Thanquol & Boneripper

Thanquol & Boneripper

This is Thanquol & Boneripper. I’ve made a magnetized weapon options so you can switch between Warpfire Braziers or Warpfire Projectors. I’ve also made a custom base. This is supposed to be The Empire city street fragment with sewer mat as a wound marker. You can see a closeup of that wound marker on the […]

Black Knights

Black Knights

So here I’m back with some models. And there would be more in near future. This time it’s another unit of Black Knights. The Hell Knight was painted with different colors. Click photos to enlarge.

Dwarf Longbeards

Dwarf Longbears

So this is unit of Dwarf Longbeards that took 1st Place in Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Category at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition and also it took The Best Of Show title. There on thing I would like to say about this work. It took me like forever to paint those details on armor. But I […]

Spirit Hosts

Halloween Spirit Hosts

Halloween is coming so I did some new Halloween minis. I really like those new Spirit Hosts. So much better than old ones. I even think this is the best ghost design ever made! I also like that they put those ghosts into other undead models like Nagash or Mortarchs of Nagash. Anyway, here are […]

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead

Nagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead

Finally! I’ve managed to finish this model. At first I was like ‘Yeah! Another meh big guy from GW. Lets just paint it quick!’. But when I started I was like ‘This model is pretty awesome! It needs some loving!’. I really wanted to make it outstanding. So it took me more time than I’ve […]

Azohg’s Fearsome Orc

Azohgs Fearsome Orc

This is quite old Orc. But this comes from time when I was really into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I’m working on whole unit of those. When I finish I’ll say a little bit more about them. This one is test model for colors. I like them and this is pretty much how whole unit would […]

Mutalith Vortex Beast of Nurgle

Mutalith Vortex Beast of Nurgle

This Mutalith was converted to be more Nurglish. We made it look like the beast is grabbing its prey and then changing it into spawns or other mutants. You can see 2 Elves here. One is held on the beast’s back and another one is crawling under the monster. Pszemek has sculpted whole stomach for […]

Wood Elves Army

Wood Elves Army

This is expansion to the Wood Elves Warband I’ve painted some time ago. I really like how that Lord, Eternal Guards and Cavalry looks together having strong gold and green colors while Wildwood Rangers, Wolves and Treeman have more dull colors like browns and grays. Once again I must admit those new Wood Elf models […]

Wildwood Rangers

Wood Elves Wildwood Rangers

This is second build that can be made form the same box as Eternal Guard. But this build looks far more badass. I really like hooded heads and those great blades. Great models.