Freebooter Female Wizard

Female Wizard as Victoria Haley

Great sculpt from Freebooter Miniatures. She would be used as a proxy for Victoria Haley. Well Werner Klocke is one of my favorites sculptors and his chicks always looks great so is this one. To make here blend more into Warmachine universe I’ve painted this Cygnar Swan on her back.

Cygnar Ironclad

Cygnar Ironclad

I’ve magnetized it’s weapon options so the model can be used as Ironclad or Defender. And because it can have hammer in each hand it could also be used as Hammerhead.


BloodyBeast Treeman 2

This is another Treeman sculpted by my friend Pszemek and also painted by me. This is available for buy painted or unpainted. It would be in my store when I finally set it up. But you can contact me for more info on price now.