Alakhai the Cunning

Alakhai the Cunning

Alakhai is Algeroth’s Supreme General and the Nepharite Overlord of Venus. Of all the Nepharites in the Apostle of War’s Legions, Alakhai is the mightiest. From his Citadel deep within the Venusian jungle he weaves military strategies that affect the entire Solar System. Alakhai’s plans, filled with abundant deceptions and distractions, are so perfectly timed […]

White Dwarf Lord

I present you White Dwarf Lord. From whole minis I’ve ever painted or converted this is the one I love the most. I did a lot of Green Stuff work to make him look like this. Also weapon is made from plasticard. I just think this is my best mini ever!

Space Orks Rogue Trader

Space Orks

Space Orks. Those are old GW minis. You can find them on The Stuff of Legends. There are six of them. 3 are wielding bolters, 1 has plasma gun, 1 (supposed to be da boss) is wielding pistol and 1 is in throwing-granade pose (i’ve lost his heavy weapon).