Here are basic prices for painting minis:

Lord Level

This level is for lords of your army, display. This painting includes beautyful scenic bases, dioramas, conversions, freehand, nmm and other stuff that makes your hero look like real golden daemon piece of mini.

Prices start from $200 for a foot soldier and depend on work done to mini and base. Price can go less (in no diorama/scenic base and go more if lot of work is required). Please contact me for more info.

Hero Level

This is my normal level for Solo, Individual, Hero minis. Price depends on mini size and complexity.

Hero on Foot: $100+
Hero on Mount: $200+
Hero (Troll sized): $200+
Dragon: $400+
Hero on Dragon: $500+

Troop Level

This is standard level for units.

Foot Soldier: $30+
Mounted Soldier: $60+
Monster (Troll sized): $60+

We charge extra for finecasts. Usually $5 for soldiers and $10 for heroes. This is because working with finecast really gets on our nerves. It takes that extra time to make minis look just OK.


If you would like to get in touch with me, for what ever reason, please email me: ralph.troll at

Our Painting Mission

We love to paint miniatures. And soon you will read more here but I’m going back to painting now. Will edit it when I’ll have some free time.


We pack our miniatures well. Usually it comes in hard plastic/cardboard box filled with soft materials. We really try to pack it best but sometimes shit happens. If you get your mini broken, you can send it back to us and we will either repair the mini or refund it.


We use Polish Post Office for all shipping. This provides reasonable prices on shipping in reasonable time. It usually takes about 1-3 weeks to get your minis and costs from $10 to $20 USD for an order.

Europe: 1 week.
America and Asia: 2 weeks.
Australia: 3 weeks.

Rafal Maj