Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain

Every year I make some special model with a pumpkin theme. This 2020 I present you a Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain from Indomitus Crusade Box. Man I really love the model and the shield design. Hope you like the conversion!

Pumpkinshroud Bodyguards

BloodyBeast is making special Pumpkin themed minis every year. This year’s Halloween unit is Pumpkinshroud Bodyguards. A simple conversion of Death Guard Deathshroud Bodyguards Terminator models. But this time I wanted something different. The Pumpkins are actually painted green! It’s a nice change from usual orange pumpkins and flame. See other Halloween minis here.

Primaris Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

Primaris Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

Primaris Legion of the Damned Pumpkin are next version of BloodyBeast’s Legion of the Damned Pumpkin. This time in Armour mkX with Bolt Rifles. I really dig new Primaris models so it was obvious choice. Check all these freehand skull and bone symbols I’ve painted on them. It was a lot of work, but totally […]

Stormcast Eternals Pumpkins of Heldenhammer

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last painted models. But I’m back! There will be lots of new minis! But now lets focus on this years Halloween specials – Pumpkins of Heldenhammer. These Stormcast Eternals Liberators were painted close to Anvils of Heldenhammer color scheme, so there you have the name. I’ve […]

Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

This is my second unit of Legion of the Damned Pumpkin marines. I love those guys. This unit is equipped in Melta weapons. Previous unit was with Flamers. I’ve also made a magnetic scenic tray for them this time. Tray and bases are decorated with tomb stones. They really look grim.

Necron Lychguard of the Pumpkin Dynasty

Necron Lychguards of the Pumpkin Dynasty

I present you a Necron Lychguards of the Pumpkin Dynasty. Like every Halloween the BloodyBeast.com is making some special minis. Two years ago we did Pumpkinhead Crypt Horrors and one year ago we did Legion of the Damned Pumpkin. This year we present Necrons. I’ve always wanted to paint Necrons some different way than just […]

Halloween Spirit Hosts

Spirit Hosts

Halloween is coming so I did some new Halloween minis. I really like those new Spirit Hosts. So much better than old ones. I even think this is the best ghost design ever made! I also like that they put those ghosts into other undead models like Nagash or Mortarchs of Nagash. Anyway, here are […]

Legion Of The Damned Pumpkin

Legion Of The Damned Pumpkin

Halloween Special! Last year I’ve painted Crypt Horror Pumpkinheads. This year I present you Legion of the Damned Pumpkin for any Space Marine army. All minis from this squad have freehand chest ribs, skull on one shoulder and crossed bones on another, and some bone here and there. Many thanks to Pszemek, who has sculpted […]