Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

I really like this weird design of new Kruleboyz. And Gutrippaz are the best. Love their grinning, toothy skareshields. This is the best part. And I even think my Black Orcs would look great with these shields. This unit come from Dominion box and therefore it has no banner and has to be equipped with […]

Flesh-Eater Courts Varghulf Courtier

Hey. Back to blogging. I’ve decided to make some blog updates, because lots of my work are not listed here yet. So lets start with this Varghulf Courtier. I really enjoyed the ‘Eavy Metal color scheme of this model. Love the dead green skin with dark red wings combo. Great classic model! I also made […]

Armies on Parade 2022 – 1st Place in Warhammer 40k Category!

Hey! I’m very excited to announce I have won 1st Place in Warhammer 40k Category in Armies on Parade 2022 online competition with Blood Angels Army! I’ve very happy! This was also after scoring 1st Place in Warhammer 40k Category in Armies on Parade 2022 with Black Templars Army at local Games Workshop Store! So […]

Da Red Gobbo and Bounca

I know it’s been long break from posting, but here I am with a lovely model. A Christmas gift from a friend. Hope you all had great holidays and I wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s Da Red Gobbo and Bounca!

Yndrasta the Celestial Spear

It was a great joy to paint this model. I really like this new aesthetics of Stormcast Eternals. They look less of Space Marines and more like fantasy knights now. Great change. This one is a special character named Yndrasta the Celestial Spear form Warhammer Age of Sigmar Dominion box which came out along with […]

Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain

Every year I make some special model with a pumpkin theme. This 2020 I present you a Pumpkinhead Primaris Shield Captain from Indomitus Crusade Box. Man I really love the model and the shield design. Hope you like the conversion!

Space Wolves Wolf Lords

All three Wolf Lords together. When I came up with these ideas at first time it was just a joke attaching these oversized weapons with some blue tack. These conversions seemed a bit too wild to exist in Grimdark 40k. But then I thought that actually it might just work! I’m so happy I decided […]

Gloomspite Gitz Dankhold Troggboss

Ant this is final model for that army project (so far). Same as with Dankhold Troggoth – lots of details on big model, Painting it was hard but also very enjoyable. I’ll drop some army photos Tomorrow.

Gloomspite Gitz Mangler Squigs

I wasn’t fan of Mangler Squigs model when they came out for the first time in finecast resin. Well I still have my resin model somewhere unpainted. While he was lying around in summer it got so hot the model bent so bad I decided to not paint it at all. Now we have plastic […]