Chronopia Starter Box

I’m very happy that Chronopia miniature game was brought back to live (with the power of Kickstarter). I used to play Chronopia a lot back in the days and I still have my old metal minis somewhere in the basement. I’m planning to build some terrain and run a small campaign with these new amazing […]

Chronopia Devout

The Devout would be my main faction this edition of Chronopia. I always liked them in art, but the old Chronopia models were out of proportion and in weird poses. But now we have these gorgeous models. They for sure will be very interesting faction to paint as they have access not only to mortal, […]

Chronopia Devout from Demo Set

Devout are worshipers of Dark One. They are the main Evil ones, but in Chronopia universe pretty much every faction is evil. They are the ones that follow the Darkness and made pact with demons. I love the new sculpts of Dovout models. They follow the source art by Adrian Smith very closely. So the […]