Brother against Brother

Betrayal at Calth Brother Against Brother

I’ve just put decals on those 2 test models and thought it would be cool to make picture of Space Marine aiming at his Battle Brother. Models form Betrayal at Calth game are pure awesomeness. I love them. Cannot wait to paint more.

Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought

My favorite Contemptor Dreadnought from whole Horus Heresy line. Death Guard are also my favorite Chaos Space Marines chapter. With new Betrayal at Calth I might go for 30k Death Guard Army. Soon more Horus Heresy models.

Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

Legion of the Damned Pumpkin

This is my second unit of Legion of the Damned Pumpkin marines. I love those guys. This unit is equipped in Melta weapons. Previous unit was with Flamers. I’ve also made a magnetic scenic tray for them this time. Tray and bases are decorated with tomb stones. They really look grim.