Wood Elves Treeman Ancient

I guess the new name for this mini should be Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient. But this one is still for Warhammer Fantasy not AoS so I’ll keep old names for those. Click photos to enlarge.

Skulltakers Chaos Space Marines

Skulltakers Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines models painted for my friend. Those are meant to be renegade chapter called Skulltakers. But not the ones from World Eaters. These are renegades from Astral Tigers. So they have similar colors dark copper armour instead of ornage one and dark metal trims instead of black ones. I pretty like this idea.

Skull Fangs Rhino Razorback

Astral Tigers Rhino / Razorback

This is magnetized model so you can have it as Rhino or Razorback. And you can change weapon options on Razorback. This is first time I’ve used pigments, powders and weathering washes to make mud effect. There would be more weathered models in the future. I’m starting to like it. Click photos to enlarge.