Kenjiro Ronin

Kenjiro, Ronin

Here’s painted Kenjiro, Ronin model from Tale of War manufacturer. I’ve apinted him as Green Samurai with phoenix on his back clothes. I’ve also built a display plinth for this one. Click photo to enlarge.

Black Wolves

Black Wolves

Here is a unit of Black Wolves I’ve painted. Fenrisian Wolves work great as Dire Wolves for Vampire Counts or Undead Legions. Click photo to enlarge.

X-Wing Starships

Star Wars Starships

I’ve also painted some more starships for X-Wing game. Here are X-Wing, A-Wing and E-Wing along with previously painted Slave I. Click photo to enlarge.

X-Wing Slave I

Star Wars Slave I

I’ve painted a Slave I model for X-Wing game. Personally I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but it was fun to paint this model.

Menoth Light Jacks

Menoth Light Jacks

BloodyBeast is back! I had some health problems and it had huge impact on my miniature projects. Sorry for no updates and videos. But this time we are back. There would be lots of painted stuff coming on my blog. I still haven’t made all the videos so I’ll upload them bit later. Anyway here […]