Valentine's Special 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s Special mini for this year’s Valentine’s Day. I had this idea in my mind since last year’s Valentine’s Day. But I’ve finished this models just before this one. I might make some extra plinth for this model as I really like how it came out. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Bloody Beast Update Video

Hobby Update #8 Monthly Update

So here’s a monthly update. A type of update I’ll be making after every month. Talking about what I’ve painted and what I’ll be painting next month. This one is about January and February.

Flamespyre Phoenix

Flamespyre Phoenix

Here’s Flamespyre Phoenix With Anointed of Asuryan. The Elf is magnetized so can be removed and replaced by some flames. I’ve sculpted the whole base for this model. Making it flying just over the burnt tree. Treetop and Phoenix is also magnetized so they can be disassembled for easier transport. I’m really happy with this […]