Space Wolves Rune Priest

Space Wolves Rune Priest

I really like this sculpt. This is finecast Space Wolves Standard Bearer. But I needed his standard so I made him a Rune Priest instead. It really suits Rune Priest because of all those runes on armor. He needed a frost weapon so I’ve used Thunderwolf Lord’s one.

Dwarf Longbeards

Dwarf Longbears

So this is unit of Dwarf Longbeards that took 1st Place in Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Category at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition and also it took The Best Of Show title. There on thing I would like to say about this work. It took me like forever to paint those details on armor. But I […]

Necron Lychguards of the Pumpkin Dynasty

Necron Lychguard of the Pumpkin Dynasty

I present you a Necron Lychguards of the Pumpkin Dynasty. Like every Halloween the is making some special minis. Two years ago we did Pumpkinhead Crypt Horrors and one year ago we did Legion of the Damned Pumpkin. This year we present Necrons. I’ve always wanted to paint Necrons some different way than just […]

Spirit Hosts

Halloween Spirit Hosts

Halloween is coming so I did some new Halloween minis. I really like those new Spirit Hosts. So much better than old ones. I even think this is the best ghost design ever made! I also like that they put those ghosts into other undead models like Nagash or Mortarchs of Nagash. Anyway, here are […]

Space Wolves Krom Dragongaze

Space Wolves Krom Dragongaze

The most beautiful Space Marine sculpt GW ever made! This model is just awesome. It’s dynamic. It’s full of details. And It’s Space Wolf! I love it. This one took 1st Place in Warhammer 40k Single Miniature Category at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition.

Grim Hammer

Grim Hammer

This is mini I’ve painted for The Fang 2014 Painting Competition. It took 1st Place in LotR/Hobbit Single Category. I was very happy with the result. I wanted the mini to be very grim. That’s why the palette is so limited. Almost nothing happens here. Just Dwarf making his last stand defending the entrance. I […]

The Fang 2014 Painting Competition Results!

Hi, Happy to say I won some categories at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition. The Fang used to be in May (2012) or April (2013). I wasn’t expecting this one. I’ve learned this one is happening like one week before the event. I was really tight on time. But I already had some nice models […]