Cygnar Models

Some Cygnar models I’ve painted recently. Here’s some Cygnar Rangers, Hunter, Squire and Cygnar Heavy Warjack with magnetized arms. Heavy and Light jack still need some freehand work. There would be more Cygnar minis soon. Click photo to enlarge.

Trochę modeli Cygnaru, które ostatnio pomalowałem. Tu są Rangersi Cygnaru, Hunter, Squire oraz Cięzki jack Cygnaru z magnesowanymi rękami. Cięzki i lekki jack będą jeszcze mieli freehandy. Wkrótce więcej modeli cygnaru. Kliknij zdjęcie, żeby powiększyć.

Cygnar painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Those models look awesome! Good job. As a new painter, I would like to ask you how you achieved that cool Gold and Silver. I would guess that it’s a NMM technique, is it hard to do for someone with not much experience?

    That blue looks also freaking good and the red cloaks are amazing!

    • Yes Gold is NMM technique. But steel is just standard metallics. I would say yes it’s hard to paint NMM at start. You need to practice a lot. And I mean a lot lot. There’s many NMM tutorials over the internet so just grab one or two. But basically it’s just painting from dark to light color with many layers between.

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