Wood Elves Army

Wood Elves Army

This is expansion to the Wood Elves Warband I’ve painted some time ago. I really like how that Lord, Eternal Guards and Cavalry looks together having strong gold and green colors while Wildwood Rangers, Wolves and Treeman have more dull colors like browns and grays. Once again I must admit those new Wood Elf models […]

Wood Elves Araloth

Araloth, the Lord of Talsyn

I don’t like this character. I don’t like his story, but the model is OK. It has a nice horns on his helmet. He matches all new Wood Elves models. I think the owl on his hand would be much better than this bird. Especially an owl with 3 eyes like the one that’s in […]

Wood Elves Wildwood Rangers

Wildwood Rangers

This is second build that can be made form the same box as Eternal Guard. But this build looks far more badass. I really like hooded heads and those great blades. Great models.

Wood Elves Eternal Guard

Eternal Guard

I like how GW made those new Wood Elf models. I think this is their first set where minis holds shields in right arms. This was a bit strange but the whole unit looks good.

Treeman Ancient

And here he is. The Treeman Ancient. We’ve made a magnetized hand option so it can be regular Treeman too. The model can be glued in various poses, but I think this one looks the best especially with normal Treeman hand. Looks like he’s doing Mortal Kombat Sorpion’s ‘Get Over Here’. I really like that.

Black Wolves

Black Wolves

I’ve painted those along with Wood Elves army but they can be great as your Vampire Counts Dire Wolves or even as Warhounds of Chaos. I like these sculpts. The best Wolves GW ever made.