Disc of Tzeentch

Disc of Tzeentch

I’ve made this disc of Tzeentch using GW small flying base and some chaos star symbol. All details are free painted on this one. It took me a while but I really like how it looks. I need to practice more of those freehand painting.

Space Marines Ultramarines Hunter and Stalker Magnetized Parts

I don’t always like magnetizing models. Some dudes make magnetized Terminators arms or even guys in Power Armor. I think it not worth it. But making a vehicle with magnetizing options is totally understandable. This model is designed for this. Just look as simple it look. You either have one loadout or another, easy as […]

Bloody Beast Update

Blog Update

Hey, sorry for lack of updates. I was working on new design of my blog. There’s still plenty stuff to be done. Like I’d like to get back my collapsing categories and updating blogroll. Some posts and pages are not displayed properly yet. I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible. I’ll start posting new […]