Nazgob Orc Great Shaman

One of the best sculpts GW ever made. I just love everything about this mini. I have another one so I’ll try to make Shaman with Fencer’s Blades Conversion. Or rather Fencer’s Choppas.

Jedna z najpiękniejszych figurek jaką GW zrobiło. Uwielbiam wszystko w tej figurce. Mam jeszcze jednego takiego, więc spróbuję zorbić konwersję Szamana z Fencer’s Blejdami. A raczej Fencer’s Czoppami.

Nazgob Orc Shaman painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Dzięki, Właśnie skórę dopieszczam ostatnio, bo za ok tydzien ruszam z nowym pomysłem. Planuję malować ok 5 figurek co tydzień do mojej armii O&G.

  2. Hi mate.
    I understand you are a professional painter and make a living doing this so tell me to F-Off if this is outrageous to you. However, as an armature hobby painter I’d love to know what recipe you used to paint the skin on Nazgob! Really like the dynamic bold contrast I haven’t seen anyone else do that style so well.

    • Hi, thank you!
      Yeah, I’ve spent years looking for the right orc skin tone that I would enjoy. I’ve even stopped painting my O&G collection because I couldn’t find the right one.
      If I remember correctly it was snotling green as base, black wash, snotling green highlight, goblin green highlight, mix of goblin green and bleached bone highlights (I might used some white and/or yellow in the mix). I made a whole bottle of that mix.
      For lip I think I highlighted it with pure bleached bone and washed with red shade.
      GW changed the names of paints so Snotling Green is now Warpstone Glow. Also some colour differ a bit, like Warboss Green is a bit different than Goblin Green. Vallejo Game Color has pretty close Goblin Green tho. And Bleached Bone is either Screaming Skull, or Ushabti Bone. You might wanna add some white to do one more highlight.

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