Plaguebearer Horde with Epidemius

And how it looks with all Plaguebearers and Epidemius. He sits on special base that allows him to fit this magnetic movement tray. Click image to enlarge.

Tak wyglądają wszyscy Siewcy Zarazy z Epidemiusem. Siedzi na specjalnej podstawce, która umożliwia mu dopasowanie się do magnetycznego movement traya. Kliknij zdjęcie by powiększyć.

Plaguebearer Horde with Epidemius painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Do you have shots of Epidemius by himself? To see the special base for this movement tray? I guess this is set so that you can use them for both 40k and fantasy? Nice idea here!

  2. I’ll post Epidemius on Saturday. That special base would be post a little bit later. I just made a base that goes to four 25mm holes. It provides 40mm round slot for Epidemius (he is mounted on round 40mm base). I also made a 60mm base with 40mm round slot for Epidemius for 40k games. I might make a video explaining how it works.

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