Space Wolves Bjorn The Fell-Handed

My Bjorn vs Battle of the Fang cover art. Please check some photos with mini closeups and mini on plinth. Click photos to enlarge.

Porównanie mojego Bjorna do tego z okładki Battle of the Fang. Zerknijcie sobie na zdjęcia samej figurki i tej na piedestale. Kliknij zdjęcia, żeby je powiększyć.

Space Wolves Bjorn The Fell-Handed Scene painted by Rafal Maj (

Space Wolves Bjorn The Fell-Handed Scene Original

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  1. Hello Rafal! My name is Joe I’m from the US your work is phenomenal I love your painting and would be interested in seeing some of your sculpts I can’t seem to find any on here. I’m interested if perhaps we could discuss business and I’m absolutely serious if you could give me an Email that would be lovely I don’t want to give out my Email address over a comment

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