Savage Orc Army

Second part of Savage Orc Army. First part was horde of Savage Orcs, horde of Black Orcs, some Savage Boar Boyz, 2 Arachnarok Spiders, and some warmachines. Click photo to enlarge.

Druga część Armi Savage Orków. Pierwszą częścią są: horda Savage Orków, horda Black Orków, paru Savage Boar Boyzów, 2 Arachnaroki i trochę maszyn. Kliknij zdjęcie, żeby je powiększyć.

Savage Orc Army painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Wonderful to see such magnificent painting. Many years since I played any Warhammer, I’m afraid with all the practice in the world I could not match your standard of painting. If you are not a professional artist or craftsman of some kind, then you should be! Thanks for all your hard work. This comment applies to all your work, not just the savage orks. To give you an indication of how long it is since I’ve been involved with Warhammer f.b/40k, you could buy a massive box of space marines for about a tenner, and there were such strange creatures as “Squats” if anybody remembers them? Everything looks so much more sophisticated now, and the standard of painting seems to have increased ten-fold. Fascinating to see how it has all come on. Honestly all of you involved in the hobby are a credit to it, keep up the good work and keep up the commitment, it makes fogies such as me so happy to see this. When will you finish paying off the mortgage taken out to finance this lot?

  2. Just been scratching my head trying to recall, it was actually 1994/5 when I last fired a shot in anger on a warhammer table. The ork rules were absolutely brilliant back in the 1st/2nd editions, nothing worked properly. Which is as it should be. No self-respecting ork would be seen dead with a functioning bit of kit….

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