Blood Angels Army

And whole army together. I really love this army and I’m sure I’m going to paint more of those Blood Angels in the future. I’ve been painting them for years but the outcome gives me a lot of satisfaction. All units are based on magnetic movement trays that will be available in the store soon. The store will be here on blog. But I’m still working on that. Click photo to enlarge.

Zdjęcie całej armii Krwawych Aniołów. Naprawdę bardzo podoba mi się ta banda i już teraz wiem, ze w przyszłości zrobię jeszcze raz takich chłopków. Długo się z nimi męczyłem ale jestem bardzo zadowolony z efektu końcowego. Cała armia została wyposażona w magnetyczne podstawki pod jednostki, które wkrótce pojawią się w sprzedaży. Sklep będzie tutaj na blogu. Jeszcze pracuję nad tym. Kliknij zdjęcie, żeby powiększyć.

Blood Angels Army painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. I really like how this all came together here! Really sharp looking. Though am not fully convinced on the yellow commander for a blood angels army though ;) How long in total did this take you to paint up?

  2. Thanks, I cannot really say how much time because I bought first models in January 2011. And I was slowly working on them along with other projects. So looks like it took me 2 and a half years to complete this army, but I had long breaks between painting those models.

  3. So this is the overall time, but the actual time spend on those minis is much less. I think it’s still pretty long. The first movement trays for them were square, but than I’ve changed them to oval because they fit 40k better.

  4. Great work on them all around, and looking forward to seeing when the movement trays and bases become available on your store. Best of luck in that adventure!

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