More Ork Slugga Boyz

Second unit of Ork Boyz. Same thing here. I was really happy with rust effect on those minis. Tomorrow I’ll post some ork machines and photot of 2 boyz units together.

Druga jednostka Orków. Tak samo jak wpierwszej jdnostce główne nastawienie było na rdze. Jutro wrzucę fotkę Orkowych Chłopaków razem i jakieś maszyny Orkowe.

Ork Slugga Boyz painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Rafal,

    Great work as usual. Excellent shading and detail.

    By the way, is your gmail account working. I’ve tried to contact you but I don’t think the emails are going through.


  2. I donno man, I guess I’m too lazy. It never has been a big deal for me but I see lots of people are pointing it out. I guess I’ve better start dirllin them.

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