Nurgle Gorebeast Chariot

Gorebeast Chariots are badass. Nurgle ones are even better. I just love the concept of the Gorebeast. The chariot itself is not my favourite model. It looks like pimp my ride. GW should add some neons, and extended bumpers to this set. Anyway, I’ve added some parts from coprse chart to make it more nurglish. Also take a look on guts over the beast. They look like has been ripper from foes.

Nowy rydwan Chaosu jest dobry. Z piętnem Nurgla jest jeszcze lepszy. Uwielbam pomysł i wykonanie nowego stworka chaosu. Sam rydwan nie przypadł m do gustu. Wyglada jak odpicowana bryka. Te poszarzane nadkola… brakuje tylko neonów w podłodz i zderzaka czy spojlera. Dorzuciłem do modelu parę cześci z Corpse Charta, żeby był bardziej Nurglowy. Rzućcie okiem też na podstawkę. Znadziecie tam flaki rozszarpanych przeciwników.

Nurgle Gorebeast Chariot painted by Rafal Maj (

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  1. Pimp my ride it may be – and GW are going in that direction with quite a few of their models but your artwork is amazing. I love the colour selection, it’s chaos the way I like it.

    Great work and thanks for sharing. BTW, I’ve only recently discovered your blog and your layout is excellent for people like me looking for pics. I love the way I can filter by genre and Warhammer race. Great design, appreciated.

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