Warhammer: Chaos Warriors of Khorne vs Night Goblins

This is what I was talking about. More gaming on blog. So I’ve played a fast battle with my Night Goblin army against some Khorne Chaos army. My army is still in progress. I’m still painting 2 hordes of night goblins, lots of minis, but hope to finish it soon. Chaos Army Demon Prince of […]

Borgo Steel Police

Borgo Steel Police

Steel Police is a mercenery band available for all 4 armies of Neuroshima Tactics. Heavy armored and yet heavier armed. Tis one is Steel Police Tooper figthing for Borgo army.

Dire Wolves

Dire Wolves Closeups

Fenrisian Wolf pack as Vampire Counts Dire Wolves. This models would work also great as mounts for goblins. I’ll try to convert some soon.