Warlord: Mercenaries vs Dwarfs

This time I’ve played 750pts Warlord battle with Biore.


(Warriors of the Mountain Doctrine)
• Luck Stone
Troop 1
• Ursula, Bear Rider
• Kara Foehunter
• 2 Berzerkers
• Halberdier
Troop 2
• Logrim Battlefury
• Durgam Deepmug
• Giliam, Rune Spelunker
• 3 Swiftaxe
• Halberdier
Troop 3
• Annasha Tomebreaker
Troop 4
• Earth Elemental


(Scoundrel’s Luck Doctrine)

Troop 1
• Thunginar, Dark Dwarf
• 4 Dark Dwarf Warriors
• Mika, Samurai Heroine (Assassins Blade)
Troop 2
• Sigurd
• 3 Minotaurs
• 3 Mercenary Spearmen
Troop 3
• Raseri, Raging Barbarian (Magic Weapon)
Troop 4
• Stone Giant

NOTE: I’ve used some proxes so just to be clear: Dwarfs were Dwarfs from Chronopia, Mika was Monique de Noir, Sigurd was Chaos Warrior with two handed weapon, Minotaus were Pumpkin Heads, Spearmen were Skaven, Raging Barbarian was Chaos Champion with 2 weapons,


• Dwarfs on top line: Troop 1, Earh Elemental, Troop 2, Anaasha
• Mercenaries on botom line: Stone Giant, Troop 1, Barbarian, Troop 2

The Battle

I’ve moved my dwarfs so I could avoid Kara’s shots. Than Biore moved his Burrowed Earth Elemental. I’ve moved my Ston Giant ahead so he can protect those dwarfs who did not hide. Biore moved his Annasha (hides behind left building) and Troop 1 (bear rider is also behind building). I’ve charged with 2 Minotaurs. One into Swithaxe cleaving him in half but taking one wound back and Second missing on the Logrim. Kara than shot my wounded Minotaur scoring one wound. I’ve moved my Raging barbarian on the right side of right building.

Second Turn. Biore had first card. Kara shot my wounded Minotaur and killed it. Than he charged with Bear Rider into Sigurd. He used luck stone to score 2 wounds and get extra one for savage but took one wound back. His Berzerkers killed second Minotaur. Then he had second card, and he killed my last minotaur with his Troop 2. Raging Barbarian was attacked by sone dwarf leader (fury one) but he killed him in his own turn (I’ve used 2 luck tokens to try to kill that dwarf in deffensive strikes but I’ve failed). After that I’ve charged his Anaasha with my Mika and 3 Dark Dwarfs killing her oughtright with assassins blade. Than biore attacked mika with Earth Elemental. He make one wound on her, but did not get any back.

Sigurd with support of Spearmen attacked and killed Ursula the Bear Rider. Than he passed Tought test. My Stone Giant killed one berzerker.

Third Turn. Biore gets first card. Gilam throws a fireball on Sigurd and Spearmen. Sigurd died and spearmen are now wounded and burning. Some dwarfs attack Raging Barbarian (he passed his Tough roll, and killed one dwarf). After that Biore gets another card. Kara shots my samurai heroine but she misses. Berzerker runs away, Halberdier is not fighting this turn. Than I get my card. Mika and Dwarfs kills Earh Elemental and halberdier. Stone Giant moved into b2b with Kara. Raging Barbarian runs for berzerker.

Fourth Turn. Biore starts again. Kara kills Mika with shots. Than berzerker attacks raging barbarian (Berzerker died, but barb passed tought test again with luck stone help). Than I’ve killed Kara with Stone Giant. Spearmen killed dwarf halbardier.

Because Gilam was burrowed I coudn’t attack him. After Gilam unborrowed, He throwed lava on my spearmen an killed both of them. Than he got charged by dwarfs and died, but befor dies he managed to kill one dwarf in deffensive strikes.

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