Warhammer: Chaos Warriors vs Daemons of Khorne

1000pts battle. I’ve just finished small Khorne Deamon Army. It goes on eBay. But before I sell it I will play some battles to try it out.

Daemons of Khorne

– Herald of Khorne on Juggernout (Armor of Khorne)
– 26 Bloodletters (Icon of Endless War)
– 6 Flesh Hounds
– Soulgrinder

NOTE: I’ve used Bio-Gigant Model from Warzone. Sadly I don’t have Soulgrinder yet but I wanted to try it out in Fantasy Battles. It works really well. It’s defenately woth it’s points.

Chaos Warriors

– Chaos Lord on Barded Chaos Steed
– Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 Lore of Fire (Fireball, Flame Storm)
– 5 Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Spears)
– 5 Marauder Horsemen
– 24 Chaos Marauders (Full Command)
– 5 Chaos Knights
– 3 Dragon Ogres


From left to right:
– Bloodletters with Herald (Chaos Knights with Lord and Marauder Horsemen with Throwing Spears on the opposite site)
– Flesh Hounds (Chaos Marauders with Sorcerer on the oposide site)
– Soulgrinder (Dragon Ogres and Marauder Horsemen on the opposite site)

The Battle

Chaos Warriors started. All units moved ahead. Sorcerer cast both spells. I’ve dispelled fireball. Flame Storm (the more powerful version) was cast with IF. It hit center of my Bloodletter unit killing 5 of them. Result of miscast was 1 wound on Sorcerer.

I tried to charge with my Khorne units. But I’ve failed both. It was only 17″ between units. Icon of Endless War on Bloodletters appeared to be useless. I’ve rolled all ones for Hounds charge and they failed too.
Soulgrinder shot his cannon scoring one wound on Dragon Ogres.

Chaos Knight charged Bloodletters and Dragon Ogres charged Soulgrinder. Sorcerer cast bost spells on Flesh Hounds scoring one wound. Second wound was made by mareuder horsemen in shooting phase. In cobad I’ve issued a chalange and I’ve killed Chaos Lord (without Killing Blow!) Bloodletters killed 3 Knights and Knights killed 3 Bloodletters. Knights had Insane Courage on break-test. Dragon ogres had less luck. They didn’t wound Soulgrinder but get 2 wound back. They failed break-test and run away. Soulgrinder followed up into Marauder Horsemen flank.

Flesh Hounds charged Marauders and killed 5 of them. Marauders killed one dog back. I think combat result killed one more dog. Soulgrinder killed 4 Horsemen, the last one run away. The monster tried to overrun and hit Marauders but he failed on distance.Bloodletters killed rest of Chaos Knights and reformed.

Dragon Ogres and lone Horsemen rallied. Marauders killed another dog. They cored one wound and I’ve failed break-test by one.

Soulgrinder charged Marauders. Along with dogs he made so many attacks that marauders run away (they didn’t core any wound on Flesh Hound nor on Soulgrinder). Pursue brought Soulgrinder into base contact with Dragon Ogres.

We gave up on the rest of units and focused on Dragon Oges vs Soulgrinder combat. In 3 rounds two Dragonogres were dead and Soulgrinder get only one wound. Dragon Ogre run away after 3rd round.

After Battle

We don’t have much experience playing both armies. I would be grateful for any advice on those armies especially on Chaos Warriors. Daemon army looks quite good.

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