Warhammer: Chaos Warriors of Khorne vs Night Goblins


This is what I was talking about. More gaming on blog. So I’ve played a fast battle with my Night Goblin army against some Khorne Chaos army. My army is still in progress. I’m still painting 2 hordes of night goblins, lots of minis, but hope to finish it soon.

Chaos Army

Demon Prince of Khorne with diabolic Splendour and Bloodcrudling Roar
5 Knights of Korne Full Command
13 Warriors of Khorne with Extra Weapon, Full Command
22 Marauders of Khorne with Shields and Light Armor, Full Command
5 Marauder Horsemen with Spears and Throwing Spears
2 Spawns

Da Bad Moon Horde

Goblin Warboss with Armor of Destiny, Shield and Great Weapon
Goblin Big Boss with Great Weapon and Shortbow
4 Night Goblin Shamans
10 Orc Arrer Boyz with Boss
45 Night Goblins with Shortbows and Netters, Full Command (Standard Bearer goes here)
3 Fanatics
44 Night Goblins with Spears and Shields and Netters, Full Command (Warboss goes here)
3 Fanatics
6 Spear Chukkas
2 Doom Divers

Da Plan

It was obvious that I’ll be fighting against well armored troops. I’ve used to play with savage orcs and some night goblins. I’ve warned my enemy that this time I’ll be using more goblins than usually. My enemy was thinking: “I’ll take khorne to have more attacks against those little goblins, they die easily.” But I thought: “We are many. We got many lethal stuff. We got pointy spears on our chukkaz. We got crazy flying nuts. We got crazy mushroom eaters with their ‘eavy balls. We got poisoned darts. We got magic. We are many. We stab’em till dey die! Waaagh!”

I knew I’ll have to face heavily armored units so I’ve taken my best anti-armor units.
2 Doom Divers. No armor save, S5 hits, Two of them makes at least one hit per turn! Great against heavy cavalry.
6 Chukkers. No armor save, S6, rank penetration. Very good against blocks of heavy infantry.
6 Fanatics. -3 save, S5 hits. Great for blocking enemy moves and give you another turn of shooting.
Poisoned Darts. Great against everything. With a little help of shamans they are real killerz.
Stikkers. Enough of them to hold any unit that will survive this shooting contest.


I’ve started first turn. Of course I’ve started shooting. I’ve taken 4 light cavalry down and one warrior. Enemy came closer. Next turn I’ve shot 4 knights (3 from chukka, 1 from flying goblin), one doom diver misfired and shot in random direction.
Enemy came closer with infantry. And charged arrer boyz with one knight champion and one warmachine with demon. Chukka’s crew died. Arrer boy boss has accepted challenge. Than I realized he has only one attack! This has to be some kind of joke! Nothing happened here. Next turn the orc boss died and arrers run away and get caught. The lone chaos knight champion killed another spear chukka in pursue move and than run of the table in next pursue move (real killer!). My Goblins with bows get gift of a spider god and killed demon with ease. Lone marauder horsemen get fanatics out of units. They just appeared but no harm to enemy (but they did prevent warriors form moving ahead).

Next turn 3 fanatics died. Those 3 that survived made some harm. One killed 1 chukka crew and another 1 killed one warrior). Than I cast Curse of da Bad Moon, the big one. It killed 5 chaos warriors (including unit champion). Some chukkas killed some more Warriors. Also I killed 2 spawns with chukkas.

I was on my killing spree. My chukkas were wounding my enemy hard. Rolling lots of sixs. I’ve even got 6 times 6 in a row! All in all we ended up with 17 marauders and one warrior charging my spear horde. I’ve cast spider god spell on them in my previous turn. Enemy killed 4 goblins (thanks to nets!). In return goblins killed last warrior, and 7 marauders (thanks to poisoned attacks). Enemy flee but get caught by night goblins. Oh and exalted were killed by spear chukka in my previous turn. Also I’ve lost 3 bow goblins coz fanatic moved across the unit.


I’m going to finish painting this army and maybe play some more battles so my enemy would learn how to overtake the initiative, coz he lost so badly this one. After the battle I gave him advice to get some more dogs. few units of 5 warhounds could stop spear chukka killing spree. Me having one big horde of arrers get nice benefit of many poisoned shots but I can only target one unit at a time. If you have any thoughts and ideas for any of our armies please share. And sorry for no pictures but my camera has crashed all of them. :(

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  1. Nice, that’ll teach power-armies not to mess with Gobbo power ;)

    Are you gonna put up more Battle reports perhaps with pictures?

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