Volkmar the Grim on The War Altar of Sigmar

I’ve finely finished this model. This took a lot of time and a lot of effort to paint all those details. I’m also working on the other model Empire Celestial Hurricanum.

But lets focus on the War Altar. GW made another plastic set that includes special character. This one is very nice blast from the past Volkmar the Grim. I really like that they made the new version. Volkmar is a nice model, but nothing special, nothing awesome, nothing dynamic. The cart is also a very nice model and I’m pretty sure it would be used for Mordheim. But I dont really feel like it’s war machine that should take part in battles. I can simply imagine a strong wind blow that puts this big griffon statue to the ground. I just don’t buy this idea.

Volkmar the Grim on The War Altar of Sigmar painted by Rafal Maj (BloodyBeast.com)

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