Cable Guy

My first Neuroshima Tactics miniature. Minis is produced by Wydawnictwo Portal. The sculpt is very good. The game itself is very similar to Warzone and Infinity. Skirmish battles in ruined cities of post apocalyptic United States.

The game has very innovative rules, but also a very nice minis. I’m going to collect Hegemony army (punks, criminals, gangsters etc.) and maybe one more late. My friend are going to collect Borgo (Mutants) and Outpost (Human Military Forces). Check out this Cable Guy. His special rule is that he can maintain weapons so it does not jam when he sticks with a band. He is equipped with gas burner and can make holes in metal barricades (this gives you literally the ability of walking through walls).

Neuroshima Cable Guy painted by Rafal Maj (

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