Mordheim: Undead vs Witch Hunters

So here is my last battle of Mordheim. We played Breakthrough scenario. I was an attacker an my enemy was defender. So I had to set up my undeads first, than my enemy set up his witch hunters. His boys have much more expirience than mine, but I had more guyz in my army so this was quite same ratting.

The Battle


I decided to divide my army into two teams. I knew I had the first turn so I wasn’t covering my minis yet.


The witch hunter player decided to divide his army too. But his main force was on the side with vampire.


Vampiress was leading her ghoul troop into combat carefully, coz she knows that bolts from witch hunters crossbows can be deadly even to her.


On second flak Necromancer rush his team with courage. Nothing can stop him and his troops, as he is the one who controls the dead.


This was the first blood. One ghoul and vampiress attacked witch hunters dog. And killed him. Witch hunters than moved back and tried to kill vampire witch crossbow, but missed all shots.


This was the last picture taken, before close combat. There is one more witch hunter under that bridge. Flagellant and one witch hunter have charged successfully on ghouls. Second witch hunter was shooting with his crossbow pistol but missed. One ghoul has taken out of action flagellant before he could swing back with his great weapon. Witch hunter has put knock out one ghoul (he had KaBoom on black powder misfire table). Than the undeads have charged putting out of action witch hunter with pistols and stunning the other one. Without whole flank witch hunters voluntary routed.

After The Battle

It’s good to have strength in numbers. My ghouls are S4 and this can be very deadly to any enemy. My warband is painted after this battle. Now, I’m going to glue some more Mordheim terrain. Also I’ll make new warband the possessed of Tzeentch basing on regular possessed warband rules.

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