Golems of Darkness WIP

There will be 2 Golems of Darkness in my Red Legion of Algeroth. I bought those minis from Manic Miner Miniatures as I find them really great for Golems. Those are best proxies I find along various brands. Of course they still need some conversion work here and there. First of all the head. Mini comes from bandage head witch would be great, but I want to stick close to picture of Golem in rulebook, so I need to change it to look more like Razide head. I could not copy Razide head coz it is too big, I need to sculpt it on my own. Secondly spikes. Golem needs some spikes. There would be some on shoulders and on knees. Thirdly the Azoghar. Yep, that crushing weapon would be taken from Algeroth’s Nepharite. As I want to make it as much similar to that one my Nepharite has as possible. Here’s whats I’ve got now.

Golems of Darkness WIP by Rafal Maj (BloodyBeast.com)

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