Towering creatures of death and destruction, Bio-Giants are hideous amalgamations of flesh and sinew. Standing up to 30 feet high, these huge monsters are produced in the vats of the Citadels, molded and stitched together by Tekrons. They often lead wave assaults against enemy fortifications, as their presence is both a terror to mortals and a source of cover for advancing troops.

The earth shakes beneath their thunderous tread, and their booming roars are so deep that they resonate on sub-audible frequencies. Although slow seeming and clumsy, the very sight of these towering monstrosities can strike fear Into the hearts of even the boldest soldier, Bio-Giants resemble gigantic, war-scarred humanoids, their flesh covered in a patchwork of stitches and sutures
with great spikes protruding from their body. They are immensely strong and incredibly tough.

Soon I’ll paint: more necrotyrants, 2 more infernal corroders, Golgotha and Tekron Warmaster, 2 squads of Legionnaries with 2 Dark Golems, and Reaver Necrotransporter. There is still some basing work to do. There would be also a dedicated terrain (ruins, bunkers and acid factory – generally city terrain with markings of Algeroth and Dark Legion everywere!).

Bio Giant painted by Rafal Maj (

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