Alakhai the Cunning

Alakhai is Algeroth’s Supreme General and the Nepharite Overlord of Venus. Of all the Nepharites in the Apostle of War’s Legions, Alakhai is the mightiest. From his Citadel deep within the Venusian jungle he weaves military strategies that affect the entire Solar System. Alakhai’s plans, filled with abundant deceptions and distractions, are so perfectly timed and executed that both the human commanders and his own minions fear his name, since neither know the reasons, methods or outcomes of his schemes.

Alakhai is ambition beyond comprehension. Like his master, he seeks to overcome everything that lives, and this includes Algeroth himself. He schemes to displace his master primarily by manipulating him into a war with other Apostles. It is rumored the he has more than once been an honored guest at the courts of Semai. The advancement of Valpurgius over Alakhai has become the needling sore that Semai has found to be the perfect bone of contention to exploit.

Alakhai is well over seven feet in height. His armor is forged from petrified human souls, Its surface etched with runes telling of the atrocities he committed to acquire his present position. His piercing eyes cast a fiery glow across his thin lips and sharp teeth, which are always visible Through his maniacal smile. Always accompanying Alakhai onto the battlefield is the Meat Wolfer, his huge battle sword, and the Mask of Semai.

The mini hasn’t got proper base yet as it need to go on 40mm base. But those are on the way. I bought some Micro Art Studio bases for this army.

Alakhai the Cunning painted by Rafal Maj (

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